Can your car save you money?

Cars cost a lot of money and so does fuel, but changing the way you drive can help cut travel costs and save money. Here’s how:

Pump it up:

You use up to 3% more fuel with under-inflated tyres, so check them often at the petrol station.

Clear out your boot:

You use more fuel if your car’s heavy, so keep your boot as empty as you can.

What a drag:

Keep your windows closed and take off your roof and bike racks if you’re not using them. They all cause drag, which uses up fuel.

Smooth operator:

Speeding up and slowing down eats up fuel. Slow down gently and pull away gently too, to use less fuel.

Gear up:

Your car works best and uses less fuel when it’s in the right gear. If your car has a rev counter, try to keep your revs between 1,500 and 2,500.

Slow down:

The faster you go the more fuel you use. Going over 70mph uses 38% more fuel!

Get the cheapest car insurance:

When your car insurance is due don’t settle for the renewal quote you get - shop around and renegotiate. Use comparison websites like or to find the best deal.