Eat well on a tight budget

Don’t go hungry when money is tight. There are loads of ways we can all spend less on our food. With a bit of planning and savvy shopping it’s amazing what you can rustle up for very little.   

Here are some inspiring people and websites with fantastic tips for eating well on a tight budget:

Jack Monroe, a single mum, shows on her website ( how she feeds herself and her son for just £10 a week.

And check out:

Love Food Hate Waste

Frugal Queen  

The Resourceful Cook

Here are our own top tips:

  • Plan ahead, write a shopping list and stick to it. Don’t be swayed by special offers for things that aren’t on your list
  • Only buy what you’ll actually eat and beware BOGOF offers that can encourage you to buy things you didn’t really need!
  • Buy own brands – they’re usually cheaper and just as tasty and nutritious. This could save £1,500 a year on a family’s £100 weekly shop 
  • Make your own!  A homemade pasta sauce is easy to make and up to a third of the cost of a shop-bought one!
  • Cook a bit more for the evening so you can have leftovers for lunch. Cheaper than shop sarnies! Or you can freeze the extra so you have a meal at hand when money is really tight or you don’t have time
  • Frozen veg can be cheaper than fresh and keeps longer
  • You’re also much less likely to be throwing unused veg away if you keep it in the freezer
  • Add more veg, beans or lentils to meat dishes like casseroles to make meals go further. They are cheaper and really healthy and filling too
  • Freeze leftover bread while it’s still fresh – this is one of the most wasted household foods
  • Buy cheaper cuts of meat, like braising steak, shin or shoulder. They’re really tasty and just need a slower cook
  • Buy reduced price foods that are near their sell by date and freeze them