Eat well on a tight budget

Don’t go hungry when money is tight. There are loads of ways we can all spend less on our food. With a bit of planning and savvy shopping it’s amazing what you can rustle up for very little.   

Check out these sites for tips. 

Love Food Hate Waste

The Resourceful Cook

Here are our own top tips:

  • Plan ahead, write a shopping list and stick to it. Don’t be swayed by special offers for things that aren’t on your list
  • Only buy what you’ll actually eat and beware BOGOF offers that can encourage you to buy things you didn’t really need!
  • Buy own brands – they’re usually cheaper and just as tasty and nutritious. This could save £1,500 a year on a family’s £100 weekly shop 
  • Make your own!  A homemade pasta sauce is easy to make and up to a third of the cost of a shop-bought one!
  • Cook a bit more for the evening so you can have leftovers for lunch. Cheaper than shop sarnies! Or you can freeze the extra so you have a meal at hand when money is really tight or you don’t have time
  • Frozen veg can be cheaper than fresh and keeps longer
  • You’re also much less likely to be throwing unused veg away if you keep it in the freezer
  • Add more veg, beans or lentils to meat dishes like casseroles to make meals go further. They are cheaper and really healthy and filling too
  • Freeze leftover bread while it’s still fresh – this is one of the most wasted household foods
  • Buy cheaper cuts of meat, like braising steak, shin or shoulder. They’re really tasty and just need a slower cook
  • Buy reduced price foods that are near their sell by date and freeze them