Getting help with debt

Most of us need to borrow money sometimes

If times are tough, or there’s an emergency, we might borrow more than we can afford to pay back, or we might miss a repayment or get behind with really important payments like the rent or mortgage. This can be very stressful.

If you’re struggling, first of all don’t ignore the problem – this can lead to bigger difficulties. There’s always a way out of debt and there are lots of people who can help if you need it.

If you’re a LiveWest resident, you can speak in confidence to one of our Individual Empowerment Officers, who’ll help you open those unopened bills and support you to work out what debts you have. We can help you make offers of repayments you can afford. We’ll even help you make your own  budget plan so you can see what money you have coming in and going out.

If it will help, we can put you in contact with other organisations that will also help you get your money under control, like Talking Money in Bristol or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Get in touch

If you’re one of our residents and would like some support, get in touch and ask to be put through to the Individual Empowerment support line, or you can fill in our online form.  We’ll come and see you and talk through how we can help.

Even more help

And there are even more independent money advisers ready to help you, including:

The Money Advice Service who are free and independent. Go to their website or give them a ring on 0300 500 5000.

National Debt Line who are also free. They’ve helped millions of people with their debts. They'll talk you through options and give clear advice on how to take back control.  or phone 0808 808 4000.

Don’t get more stressed and worried. Give any of these people a call and let them help you. That’s what they are here to do.