Nothing to eat?

Nothing to eat?

If you find yourself in crisis and have no money for food, don’t go hungry. You should be able to get free emergency food for you and your family from a local food bank. Food banks offer emergency hot meals and advice on who may be able to help you solve the problem in the longer term.

Every day people go hungry, maybe because they’ve lost their job or received an unexpected bill when they’re already on a low income. In 2013-2014, food banks provided food for 913,138 people across the country and if you’re in need, they’ll help you too.

To use a food bank you’ll need to get a voucher first. There are a number of organisations which give these out once they have checked there is a real need. We’re one of those organisations, so if you’re a LiveWest resident and you’re in need, get in touch with us quickly.

Other people who can help are care professionals like doctors, health visitors and social workers, or organisations like the Citizens Advice Bureau and the police who can also issue food bank vouchers. You can then swap the voucher for emergency food.

The Trussell Trust

Some food banks are advertised openly and others need a bit of inside knowledge about where to find them.

Here are some tips on how to find a local food bank when you or someone you know needs one:

  • Look online by using search words like “free food” or “food banks”.  On The Trussell Trust website for example, you just enter your postcode to find the closest one to you
  • Look in the local papers – many organisations advertise food banks there
  • Check with local churches and ask if they provide help. If they don’t they may be able to tell you who will be able to help
  • Ask people you know – word of mouth can be the best way as some places that offer food do not advertise at all
  • Get in touch with our Individual Empowerment Team, by contacting us