Resident's story

How our Individual Empowerment service helped Mrs Peters become Money Ready

Mrs Peters is a mum to three children and is from Taunton. When she faced court action for high rent arrears, she contacted our Individual Empowerment Team for help.

Her situation, like many others, was complicated. She wasn’t just behind with the rent. She was also really struggling on her limited budget with other payments as well and could see no way out.

Mrs Peters first problem was the rent she owed. So one of our Individual Empowerment Officers helped her apply for Discretionary Housing Payment, which reduced this debt by £500. Then they helped her look at her income and every penny she spent to work out a better budget for all her other payments.

Finally, to make sure things stayed on track in her future, they put Mrs Peters in touch with the St James’ Debt Advice Team, who helped her renegotiate her debt repayments so they were affordable.

Mrs Peters is much happier now. She knows that the roof over her family’s head is secure again, she’s not being chased for unpaid debt and now she’s empowered to manage her money well, Mrs Peters can get on with her life. A very good outcome!

If you are a LiveWest resident and would like to speak to an Individual Empowerment Officer for confidential help and advice, get in touch and ask for our Individual Empowerment Team.