Cut the cost of mobile phones

We spend more and more time using our mobile phones these days, making calls, texting, playing games and surfing the internet. But could your mobile be costing you more than it needs to?

Could you save money by switching your contract or by avoiding calling premium rate numbers from your mobile? Three quarters of all mobile phone users could save an average of £200 a year, so it’s definitely worth thinking about! 

Here are our top tips for cutting the cost of your mobile phone:

Work out your monthly phone, text and data usage analyses your bills showing you what minutes, texts and data you’ve used against your allowance. You can see if you’re wasting money on your data, text or call allowances, by not using as much as you pay for. For example, if you have an allowance of 300 minutes on your contract but only use 200, it’ll recommend contracts with 200-250 minutes. Clever, isn’t it?!

Shop around

Once you know what you need and what make and model of phone you like, don’t just buy the first one you see. Shop around for the best deal. Try all the different high street shops and call your existing network to see what deal they can give you for being such a good customer! Or look on where you can compare thousands of deals by price and the monthly text and minutes allowance you need, as well as the phone you want, to find the cheapest contract on offer.

New or refurbished?

Do you really need a brand new phone?  If you have a SIM-only contract you could buy a refurbished phone to put the SIM in. These phones have been restored by the manufacturer to their original condition and are sold at a reduced price. They might have little scratches, but you can get a real bargain so don’t turn your nose up.

Sell your old phone

If you already own a mobile phone but you just want an upgrade, try selling your old one on sites like, or ebay or trade the phone in as a deposit for your new handset. 

Ask about discounts

A lot of larger employers, like supermarkets and the emergency services, have negotiated discounts for their employees with mobile networks.  You could get as much as 30% off the contract price. So if you work, ask the network if your employer is on their list.

Cut the cost of dialling 0870 numbers

Many companies use 0870, 0800 or 0845 for customer service lines, which can cost as much as 50p per minute to call if they’re not included in your mobile package.  Enter the number on, to find their alternative, and often free, standard landline numbers. If you have an iphone, you can download the 0870 app which will turn these numbers into 01 or 02 numbers for you. Magic!